Masan Concrete Drilling and Sawing LTD is a professional company with high experience in the field of concrete diamond sawing and drilling. In Israel Masan is one of the largest companies on the market. We provide the highest level of quality anywhere countrywide.

In each project we give particular emphasis on advanced planning and scope of work coordination with the customer. Accurate result is guaranteed ultimately.


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What services are you interested in?

Diamond Concrete Sawing:

Sawing with the help of diamond circular saws is the most popular way of cutting walls, floors, ceilings and beams. The most advanced equipment and saws of any diameter are at your service.

Cable and Diamond-Wire Concrete Cutting:

Is used if concrete or stone thickness is from 80 cm to 20 m. It is also suitable when cutting with circular saw is not possible due to technical reasons. The most precise and accurate results are guaranteed.

Diamond Concrete Drilling:

Masan specializes in concrete drilling of any size and any depth holes for any purposes. We provide services for drilling in inclined surfaces, drilling with unanchored drill and work in particularly severe environment.

Facing Tiles Anchoring:

For safety reasons it is necessary to perform tiles fixing with anchors. This work requires a high professional competence, steeplejacking operational experience and accuracy.

Building Disassembling and Demolition:

Masan performs works of partial dismantling and/or demolition of buildings of any size. We provide the following services: sawing and disassembling, services involving and including jackhammer, mini excavator, bobcat, construction waste disposal, etc.

Diamond Tools Maintenance and Sale:

We offer you services of our repair shop: maintenance and repair of diamond saw blades and diamond core drilling bits, as well as a wide range of professional tools and accessories for sale.

Our satisfied customers:

You can rely on our experience. We’re proud to list more than 70 leading companies among our clients. You can join them today by contacting us by tel: 077-466-2473.

לקוחות ניסור בטון

We offer works in any workload countrywide

From Haifa to Beer Sheva – we will come to any place where we will be helpful. Our experienced team will arrive with all necessary equipment and readiness to get the job done efficiently and on time. We undertake projects of any size — from private houses and to large construction sites. We have experience in projects of all types and sizes.

The quality of our work is always on top, thanks to the experience and competence of our employees, as well as by virtue of the most modern and various equipment.

A short glimpse into Masan's projects:

We'll be happy to assist you. Call now: 077-466-2473.